Recently I was working on whatsapp integration for one of my app in php. I found that have no Coldfusion resource for api integration and I was not able to find any tutorial on web for this. So I thought lets wok on it for few hours.  

Step 1: First sign up on
Verify your email and login to your twilio dashboard.

Step 2: Get a Trial Number & Verify your phone numbers
Here click on 'Get a Trial Number'. Wizard will give a virtual US based phone number with a trial balance of $15 approx.

Note down this  phone number, ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN

Environment used

Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS  GNOME 3.28.2   OS type 64bit

I assume here following:
1. the built in coldfusion server on default port is used. no other third party server like apache, etc
2. You know how to create/edit a file in text editor on linux
3. You have prior experience of installing programs in linux via command line.
4. You have no plan to purchase so, Installation type you choose is Developer Edition
5. Your pc have no other app or service using port 8500