Hi Friends! This article is purely for developers who are good on Javascript language and have started working on Angular.

This article also deals with a course on Coursera.org which is older version of Angular that is AngularJS.

Environment used
Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS  GNOME 3.28.2   OS type 64bit

I assume here the following:
1. You know how to install packages on unix via terminal

Error Description   
You all know AngularJS development environment require nodejs, npm and browser sync mainly. There are very less words on internet about main  problem that come on a linux pc when a devloper set up development environement on Linux.

You will use following commands to install nodejs and npm on linux terminal window
sudo apt install nodejs
sudo apt install npm

Above commands will run perfectly without any errors. But after this when you install browser-sync, which is one of good tool for AngularJS, you will get error.   
sudo npm install -g browser-sync