Git is very popular these days. Lot of people are using it.  Here are the reasons.

First, Git is not only for developers
Some people look this as a tool for developer community. No, it is not like this. Git is tool for everyone who is using digital media in their profession. For example - Lets say a lawyer have a word document which need only modification of his client details before submitting for a court process. So he/she can use Git repository for the same word file. Git make a version of each of his/her new client details in the word file. Now if he wish to get any client file at a moment and he will have to think of only one file and at one location. He/She not have to search whole laptop and dates etc. Lets say a doctor have a prescription performa in word file for his patients. He/She can go on updating that same file in Git repository. And at any moment he can get patient history prescription history via Git commands. So Git is not only for developers. Git can be used in many ways. But one should have basic knowledge of it. Let say I have a phone bill each month in pdf. I just go on update that pdf document with  each month bill at same location with same name in my repository and even after 5 years if I need to get 4 years back bill  I have to give some commands and I get the same.

Git is being used mainly by software developers
Because software developers were the first, who realize need of it due to complexity in software development cycle.

Main Advantages
Git is free version control system for digital media and that is accessible 24/7. Your laptop cannot provide that reliability.
Git is perfect for multiuser collabration or team work for merging all their actions at one place even when they are working remotely unlinked to each other.
Git also create a copy of your working files which you can assume as backup.

(There are lot of other advantages but above is enough that fullfill the scope of this article.)

How to start ?
1. Create a GitHub account on
2. Create a public repository with your USERNAME (replace it with your username) and add to it   (why adding you will find reply in next lines of article)
3. Install git on your linux terminal with following command.
      sudo apt-get install git-all
4. Now on your pc/laptop go to your working directory and give command
      sudo git clone
5. You will see a folder created in your working directory
6. Now after doing your changes you want to check which files you have added or modified execute
      git  status
    It will show the files that needs to be updated to the repository online.
7. Now to tell  github repository that this is to be updated, use
      git add --all
8. Now you have to commit it locally here. Use
      git commit  -m "Remarks for the version"
9. Now make everything available on online repository. Just use
      git push
   All your changes will appear on online repository. In this process you will be asked for your username and password.
   Please use access tokens instead of password, as basic authentications will be deprecated soon. Please check this link for more info

Now you are done with starting part. Ok! about - If you are developer and want that your files work on browser like on a web server you should use it.

How to get a particular version of your repository changes:
1. Give  on terminal
    git log
you will get output like this

    commit xxxxxxxxxSHACODECOMMITxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Author: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Date:   Wed May 01 19:36:40 2021 +0530

        Remarks of the version


Above output data is displayed with changes for security reasons. Pick the code in front of commit of your version to retrieve.

2. Use
   git describe xxxxxxxxxSHACODECOMMITxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   OUTPUT: thereadablenameofcommit

3. Now get the version  with command
   git checkout thereadablenameofcommit

This is very basic of Git. But there are lot of commands which give lot of functionalty of Git. To learn all of them go to the following links
  Ebook written by Scott....          Git Official Reference Manual

Ok Readers! Bye for now. More will come but please help me to keep me out of shackles of poverty. For this please pay a small amount of money of your choice on my payment page. I will keep putting articles here. --- Dheeraj



Git Tutorial for Beginners

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Git Tutorial for Beginners

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